Zaidee M. (zaidee Mabel) Brown -1875 League Of Library's Directions for the Librarian of a Small Library PDF

By Zaidee M. (zaidee Mabel) Brown -1875 League Of Library Commissions

This replica used to be published from a electronic dossier created on the Library of Congress as a part of an intensive scanning attempt all started with a beneficiant donation from the Alfred P. Sloan starting place. The Library is happy to provide a lot of its public area holdings at no cost on-line and at a modest fee during this published structure. Seeing those older volumes from our collections rediscovered by means of new generations of readers renews our personal ardour for books and scholarship.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Lawrence river connects Lake Ontario with the mind is ocean. Looking' down from. Mt„ Lowe toward Pasadena, a mile or so above the sea, a mist concealed the city of Pasadena from view. Above the fog, in space, all was clear as day. Thus mind is a condition which conceals one part of us, called the normal, or sense man, from another part, called the supernormal, or intuitive man. Each plane has its range and objects of vision, but frequently a mist or fog intervenes to hide one from the other. So it is well to learn that all of our powers are related as v/ell as extended and that we can make each power a microscope or telescope to introduce us to a knowledge of things which are invisible and inaudible to the physical sense of sight and hearing.

Now what a divine and physical law of justice, which makes everyone reap what he sows, and to receive the efis true that there is fects or results of right or living, and that our bodies, we make them. is wrong thinking and faces, lives are what God does not punish or reward us for being bad or good; but evil and good produce in our lives and bodies exactly what we think and do. Disease is not accidental, nor a calamity sent of God to man. He, by his disobedience to natural and spiritual law, makes disease.

Our tastes can be educated as v/ell as refined or degraded. If degraded, we suffer pain. is If refined too far we sacrifice physical vitality We can learn to obey or disobey nature in our taste as do the animals, especially is this so, when we form a false taste for pasThe natural taste for food tries, candies, etc. is generally reliable, and therefore, it is wise and health. not to spoil our taste by condiments. 4 and 5 The Sense of Hearing and Sense of Sight are the most spiritual of all the senses and as they have to do with art and form in sound (Vibration) and color (Vibration) the appeal is mental and spiritual.

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Directions for the Librarian of a Small Library by Zaidee M. (zaidee Mabel) Brown -1875 League Of Library Commissions

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