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A religion excludes all that it is not: dharma includes every form of life. Religion must be separated from politics, as it has been in the modem West, for a sane world: every shade of political thought and practice that is sane must necessarily have its basis in dharma. Essay 6. One of the important issues over which there was a vigorous debate in the history of Indian philosophical systems concerned the status of authority, either of scriptures or of persons, as a means of knowledge, pramana.

The question does not pertain to semantics; it is related to the abiding substance of Indian civilisation, dharma, from which we have moved away just at a time when we need it the most. The word 'secular' itself has been misunderstood and much abused in India, conveying either an attitude of anti-religion or nothing deeper than equal respect for all religions. The first attitude has been as 50 mindless as the second has been somewhat insincere. Indian culture was essentially secular in the sense that its views of the world were derived not from anything outside the world but from the inherent nature of man, which carried within itself both immortality and death, and the human privilege to choose the one or the other.

In a civilisation that did not even know the word 'Hindu', Hindu nationalism arises; and then the demand for Pakistan. If the truth of Hindu nationalism is assumed, then the demand for Pakistan could not be denied. It was a logical culmination, even before it was an emotional culmination, of the false doctrine of Hindu nationalism. Essay 19. There are two different ways in which Max Weber's work on India may be discussed. One may ignore the larger framework of his studies of which it was a part, examine on their own grounds the numerous single conclusions he reached regarding the character of the social and religious institutions of Indian society, and show those conclusions to be either right or wrong, but without tracing them to his central presuppositions concerning India.

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