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Nitrogen consumption must be factored in as a regular cost and an area for optimisation. New attempts are being made to develop carbon dioxide as a medium to provide an inert atmosphere. Carbon dioxide’s higher density means it can be brought more efficiently under control so that consumption can be reduced. This innovation can provide a long-term solution to the concern related to inert atmosphere. Technology developments related to curing rate Influence of the atmosphere on the curing of epoxide systems The humidity of the air can be a key factor affecting the rate of photochemical curing of epoxides.

As such, new oligomers will make it easier for smaller players to enter the marketplace by mixing simple blends to yield an end PSA that meets their needs. The new oligomers also make the development of smaller niche markets possible. e. ). Previous research into UV-/EB-cured PSAs has been the basis for arriving at the types of structures for both the oligomers and monomers that will produce an acceptable UV-/EB-curable PSA. Initial work yielded the best monomers to achieve low odour and low viscosity UV-/EB-curable PSA’s.

One other limiting factor for UV laminating adhesives is that curing cannot be performed through opaque films and printed films. UV curable 2K systems are designed to satisfy the requirements of penetrating opaque films and printed films with faster reaction rate than the traditional solventless systems. 2. 2 Processing of UV curable fast cure 2K laminating adhesives $MFBS
SFWFSTFQSJOUFEPSPQBRVFGJMN  /JQ  1PTUDVSF 67 #POEFE´HSFFOµMBNJOBUF ´(SFFOµBEIFTJWF  1SJNBSZ XFC "QQMZ BEIFTJWF Source: RadTech Instant cure UV/EB versus traditional solventless urethane systems Conventional solventless urethane systems require thermal energy for curing to develop sufficient bond strength prior to downstream processing.

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