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Description from the writer: "If it may be established that any complicated organ existed, that may no longer very likely were shaped via quite a few, successive, moderate variations, my conception may completely holiday down." So wrote Charles Darwin in `The starting place of Species`, the place he made his concept of evolution public. the idea utilized materialist philosophy to nature and challenged the consensus that existence on the earth is the artifact of the author. through the following one hundred fifty years, many within the clinical neighborhood assumed that Darwin had virtually comprehensive this activity. this present day, technology demonstrates that they have been wrong. Findings within the final 20 years on my own have shattered the foundation of the speculation. Key branches of technological know-how, akin to paleontology, biochemistry, inhabitants genetics, comparative anatomy, and biophysics, point out one after one other that traditional legislation and likelihood results proposed by way of the idea can't clarify the foundation of existence. lifestyles seems to be infinitely extra complicated than Darwin imagined in his time demonstrating that his thought has completely "broken down

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Darwin felt though that the "extreme imperfection" of the fossil record was simply a matter of digging up more fossils. 43 The fossil record reveals that species emerged suddenly, and with totally different structures, and remained exactly the same over the longest geological periods. Stephen Jay Gould, a Harvard University paleontologist 43 There is no gradual development in the fossil record such as Darwin had predicted. Different species emerged all at once, with their own peculiar bodily structures.

60 True Natural History I fossil record has made it possible to carry out very detailed studies of trilobites' eyes. The trilobite eye is made up of hundreds of tiny facets, and each one of these contains two lens layers. This eye structure is a real wonder of design. "69 The extraordinarily complex structure even in trilobites is enough to invalidate Darwinism on its own, because no complex creatures with similar structures lived in previous geological periods, which goes to show that trilobites emerged with no evolutionary process behind them.

Countless mutations over this long period have not led to any structural changes. are the organisms which, because of their huge numbers, produce the most mutants. exhibit a great fidelity to their species. The bacillus Escherichia coli, whose mutants have been studied very carefully, is the best example. The reader will agree that it is surprising, to say the least, to want to prove evolution and to discover its mechanisms and then to choose as a material for this study a being which practically stabilized a billion years ago!

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