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By Otomar Hájek (auth.)

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An vital scienti?c innovation infrequently makes its manner by way of steadily successful over and changing its rivals. . . What does occur is that its rivals die out and that the growing to be iteration is familiarised with the belief from the start. (Max Planck, 1936) people have regularly tried to in?uence their setting. certainly, it sort of feels most probably that the certainty of facets of this atmosphere, and its keep watch over, even if through trial-and-error or via genuine research and research, are an important to the very strategy of civilisation. as an example, boats and ships have been used even in pre-history for ?shing, tra- port, discovery, and alternate. Small crusing craft are managed essentially through operating the main-sheet and rudder in conjunction. as soon as mastered, additional experimentation (see e. g. the ?fth bankruptcy of the Kon Tiki day trip, with an enjoyable account of the prospective use of a number of movable centerboards on a crusing raft) resulted in a - sic swap: keeled hulls and corresponding rigging, which made crusing opposed to the wind attainable. This used to be a comparatively contemporary characteristic: even the far-voyaging Vikings relied totally on beachable ships and recourse to oars. It used to be most likely the most important within the west-to-east payment of Oceania, from Taiwan to Easter Island. A twentieth century improvement is the self-steering gadget, which regulates boat trip au- matically lower than mildly various wind stipulations; yet this has had a way smaller social impact.

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A usual name is j the Jacobian of f, evaluated at a ∈ Rm ; and also Jacobian matrix, or first differential; for scalar functions f: Rm → R1 , this is the gradient, an m-dimensional row vector. ) If f depends on further parameters p ∈ RS , a suggestive notation for the above is ∂∂ xf (a,p). , 0. 4 Dependence on Data 45 d g◦f dg df (a) = (f(a)) · (a) dx dx dx (dot denoting matrix multiplication; assumptions weaker than C1 are known). We use this for the following (still with f: Rm → Rn of class C1 ): for all x,y in Rm we have f(x) − f(y) = [f(λ x + (1 − λ )y)]λλ =1 =0 1 = 0 d F(λ x + (1 − λ )y)dλ = dλ 1 0 df (λ x + (1 − λ )y)dλ · (x − y).

Ak 2 k! k=0 converges (for all t, uniformly on each compact interval in R1 ), and satisfies d At e = A · eAt = eAt · A, eA0 = I. dt This then provides a solution of the matrix equation (10) in the autonomous case of constant A(t) = A. 42 2 Differential Equations 22. In (8) assume A(t) ≡ A. Prove: for each continuous τ -periodic u(·) there exists precisely one τ -periodic response if, and only if, A has no eigenvalue on the imaginary axis. ) ∞ 23. For constant n–square matrices A, B, C show that ∑ k=0 tk k k k!

2. Treat similarly x¨ + f(x)˙x + ω 2 x = μ (t) where, in addition, μ is continuous and bounded. (Hint: reduce to an autonomous system in augmented state space R3 ). 3. Prove a version of Lemma 4, with (3) generalized to x∗ f(x) ≤ φ (|x|2 ) where φ is continuous, positive, and has +∞ 1 φ = +∞. 3 Uniqueness 33 4. Extend the results of this section to allonomous ODE x˙ = f(x, t): first prove versions of Lemmas 2 and 3, and then of Lemma 4 and Corollary 5. ) 5. Prove existence of solutions to linear equations x˙ = A(t)x + u(t) on the entire interval on which A(·), u(·) are continuous.

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