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By C. Andreian Cazacu, N. Boboc, M. Jurchescu, I. Suciu

ISBN-10: 354012683X

ISBN-13: 9783540126836

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The piece 3 acts as a repeller to favor forward emission. 44], incorporating deflection electrodes (5), is used to achieve the focusing into the monochromator entrance (11). 2. 0 mm. 6°, according to energy distribution calculations and Herzog corrections (Fringing Field Shielding). The purpose of the plates (13) behind the grids is the collection of stray electrons. Since the grid transparency is very high (90%). the attractive potential applied to the plates must be low in order to avoid the distortion of the deflection field between the grids.

148-150]. 6 could also be incorporated in a CMA for angular measurements. 134,151], a great number of well-designed instruments have been proposed, among which many were manufactured commercially. PALMBERG et a1. 3°) and the minimum trace width. 7% for a semi-angular aperture of 6°). 153], the major improvement realized in this instrument for AES is its high sensitivity in comparison with the retarding potential analyzers. Since this CMA combines a high transmission and a narrow energy window, a greatly improved SIN ratio is attained.

8°. 94. 6 R1; this may correspond to a source located on the axis with annular focusing at the 41 surface of the inner cylinder. 137], since the space within the inner cylinder is then unobstructed and fully usable. In addition to second-order focusing, HAFNER et al. 3° and m=2) is possible if the collector is displaced at the height of the minimum trace width which occurs before the focus. 24]. 14] deduced relations to determine the height rc above the axis (or above d2 if d2*R 1) where the minimum trace width occurs, and its.

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Complex Analysis. 5th Romanian-Finnish Seminar by C. Andreian Cazacu, N. Boboc, M. Jurchescu, I. Suciu

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