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By C. A. Price

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And Weber, R. (1953). Separation of cytoplasmic particles by centri­ fugation in a density gradient. Experientia 9, 346-348. , and Perner, E. (1961). Strukturelle und biochemische Probleme der Chloroplastenisolierung. Flora (Jena) 150, 209-226. , Jr. (1951). Sedimentation of polystyrene latex in a swinging-tube rotor. J. Phys. Colloid Chem. 55, 1344-1350. Knight, T. A. (1806). On the direction of the radicle and germen during the vegetation of seeds. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. ). Kuff, E. , and Schneider, W.

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In contrast to the situation in Fig. 10, where the concentration of particles decreases progressively as the particle zone migrates into the rotor, we ask that zone width shrink to compensate for sectorial dilution. 19) We can now combine Eqs. 20) [p P - PmW] = ^v where Kv is the equivolumetric gradient constant. The resulting equation describes equivolumetric gradients, which can be thought of as sectorial analogs of isokinetic gradients. The shape of one family of equivolumetric gradients is shown in Fig.

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