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By Haboush W., Parshall B. (eds.)

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Kinematic control as well as control concepts which are based on dynamic equa­ tions considering the drive moments to be the con­ trol inputs can be looked at along these lines . Then from the point of view of classical control engi­ neering the plant is considered to be the system of actuators having the links as ( time-varying and interacting ) loads . The forementioned command vari­ ables on their turn often are computed by applying control concepts to a ficitve second plant formed by the system of links and being driven by external forces i .

B . ( 1 985 ) Algorithms for the Active Sti ffness Control of an Elastic IMACS Congress, 1 1th Proc . Industrial Robot . Oslo , vol . 4 , 1 7-22 . ( 1987 ) . J. J. Kalker , Flexible Links : Dynamics , Control and Stability. Ing . Archiv 5 7 , 16-24 . On the Control of Manipulator ( 1 985 ) . P . Karkkainen Flexible Motion by Modal-Space Techniques . Acta Polytechnica Scand . L_Maths . · 44 _,_ 2-89 . J . , Gouri shankar , V . G . and Rink , R . E . ( 1 986 ) . King , Digital Multirate Control of Flexible-Link Mani- pulators .

Link are considered , the construction of this feed­ back law is rather involved and requires the solu­ tion of a linear partial differential equation. Additional investigations are necessary to check for robustness versus parameter uncertainties . other approaches are based on linear models for the arm being derived directly . This allows the study of structural properties such as output decoupling or feedback linearization for certain prototype robots without too much computational burden . Nevertheless , one has to be aware that such a study is either re­ stricted to a very special type of arm or , that such an extremely simplified model may reflect more the ideas of the modeller about the structure and struc­ tural properties of the system than reality .

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