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By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

ISBN-10: 1483199398

ISBN-13: 9781483199399

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A normal male low-density pattern (film 393) reconstructed from computer-calculated concentrations in the cell for 29 standard intervals at each stage of the program calculations; curve 1 repre­ sents uncorrected concentrations (corresponding to the tracing of the original schlieren pattern); curve 2 shows the rephasing due to the F versus C correction; curves 3 and 4, respectively, demonstrate the additional effects of the correction to standard conditions of temperature and density and the correction for the Johnston-Ogston effect.

1206 gm/ml. 0630 gm/ml. Slight variations in back­ ground density from sample to sample would still occur for the reasons discussed earlier; but this slightly modified procedure would essentially correct for the redistribution of the NaCl during lipoprotein fractionation. However, a further complication in any lipoprotein fractionation may occur if there is significant solvent penetration into the preparative tube. Thus, as before, measurement of the refractive index of the second milliliter fraction would still be required in order to calculate the actual background density of each lipoprotein fraction.

AMES 8 .. 994. C15 c. 88131, \I"- ~ Distributions FIG. 5. Some typical computer output for a low-density run (film 393). Cumulative concentrations are given in terms of square centimeters on the tracing; individual lipoprotein concentrations for the standard intervals are in mg/IOa rol. The three middle columns of concentration values represent both the F versus C correction and the correction to standard conditions of temperature and density. I. C o. , INfERVAL r. 23), 393, TYPE 0, FlU' E-MACHINE 3 (FACTC~S Human Serum Lipoprotein 43 44 E W I N G E T AL.

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Advances in lipid research. Volume 3 by Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

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