Advances in lipid research. Vol. 18, 1981 by Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky PDF

By Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky

ISBN-10: 0120249189

ISBN-13: 9780120249183

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This substrate detects mostly b o u n d dehydrogenases by precipitating N B T to a dark blue insoluble F o r m a z a n dye. N o r m a l myocardium is rendered blue, while infarcted or scarified tissue remains colorless. The reproducibility of the N B T perfusion techniques cannot be evaluated directly, b u t , according to Feldman et al. (1976), F o r m a z a n negative areas d o not decrease more than 10% after postincubation in the same reaction mixture. T h u s , high-pressure NBT-dehydrogenase substrate perfusion of hearts is useful t o demarcate ischemic areas at the gross and microscopic levels.

The most important of these are the phase and interference microscopes, which enable us to study live cells. In addition, the use of ultraviolet and infrared reflecting lights makes visualization of details previously overlooked possible, enabling us to study the chemical composition of cell structures. A thorough investigation should start with the gross observation of the changes in organs and tissues. The next step would be light microscopy, enabling one to see how the cells and extracellular material are assembled.

1963). High concentrations of esterase and lipase within the intima may also be an indication of in situ metabolism of lipid complexes, and these enzymes m a y alter the ^-lipoproteins, cholesteryl esters, cholesterol, and phospholipids within the intima forming an insolu­ ble residue. G o m o r i (1955) described the presence of nonspecific esterases o n various types of lipofuchsins and Gedigk and Bontke (1956) found esterases and acid phosphatases in a variety of lipid pigments. Lipofuchsins, including " c e r i o d , " are derived from a number of lipids or lipoproteins, probably by oxidation.

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Advances in lipid research. Vol. 18, 1981 by Rodolfo Paoletti; David Kritchevsky

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