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By Dimitris Gizopoulos

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This is a brand new kind of edited quantity within the Frontiers in digital checking out ebook sequence dedicated to contemporary advances in digital circuits checking out. The ebook is a accomplished elaboration on vital issues which seize significant learn and improvement efforts at the present time. "Hot" subject matters of present curiosity to check know-how group were chosen, and the authors are key individuals within the corresponding topics.

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As with any such experiment, there are many ways of looking at the results, but two approaches are key. First, effectiveness of at-speed scan testing versus functional testing, as shown by the Venn diagram in Figure 1-27. Slow functional At-speed functional 0 0 0 5 190 4 0 Stuck-at scan 8 0 22 6 2 24 At-speed (AC) scan Figure 1-27: Effectiveness of various test types [38]. Three results are immediately clear: 1) at-speed tests are required to detect significant numbers of failing parts, 2) at-speed scan tests find most of the same failing parts as at-speed functional tests, plus some others, and 3) at-speed functional tests still find parts missed by other tests.

Instead, two oxide thicknesses are used, one for the I/O and the other for the logic in the chip’s core. 5). 20 Burn in is accelerated life testing accomplished by raising the ambient temperature and often operating voltage. Its acceleration behavior is similar to voltage stressing. Subclasses of b urn-in include “bake” (no voltage applied), “static” (chip is powered up, but not operating) , and “dynamic” (chip is operating during burn-in). Some modern chips generate enough heat (especially at accelerated voltages), that burn-in ovens require significant cooling to prevent thermal runaway – a positive feedback between increasing ambient temperature and increasing heat generation from the chip.

Fraction of signals switching near the observed path). If full circuit operating speed cannot be obtained, a reduced speed is often very effective (Maxwell et al found that 13 of 15 at-speed functional test fails would fail the same test at half speed [31]). 4 Very Low Voltage Another approach to finding delay problems that has found some success is very low voltage (VLV ) testing. The basic idea is that delay increases substantially as VDD lowers, and that this effect is more pronounced for faulty circuits.

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