Download e-book for iPad: A Simple Non-Euclidean Geometry and Its Physical Basis: An by Basil Gordon (auth.), Basil Gordon (eds.)

By Basil Gordon (auth.), Basil Gordon (eds.)

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There are many technical and renowned debts, either in Russian and in different languages, of the non-Euclidean geometry of Lobachevsky and Bolyai, some of that are indexed within the Bibliography. This geometry, also referred to as hyperbolic geometry, is a part of the mandatory subject material of many arithmetic departments in universities and lecturers' colleges-a reflec­ tion of the view that familiarity with the weather of hyperbolic geometry is an invaluable a part of the historical past of destiny highschool academics. a lot cognizance is paid to hyperbolic geometry by means of college arithmetic golf equipment. a few mathematicians and educators all for reform of the highschool curriculum think that the mandatory a part of the curriculum may still comprise parts of hyperbolic geometry, and that the non-compulsory a part of the curriculum should still contain a subject matter concerning hyperbolic geometry. I The huge curiosity in hyperbolic geometry isn't a surprise. This curiosity has little to do with mathematical and clinical functions of hyperbolic geometry, because the functions (for example, within the concept of automorphic services) are relatively really good, and usually are encountered through only a few of the numerous scholars who carefully learn (and then current to examiners) the definition of parallels in hyperbolic geometry and the exact beneficial properties of configurations of strains within the hyperbolic airplane. The significant reason behind the curiosity in hyperbolic geometry is the real truth of "non-uniqueness" of geometry; of the life of many geometric systems.

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Things are different when we consider the relative velocity of one object with respect to another. For example, the velocity with which a runner approaches the ribbon at the finish line is a mechanical quantity, since it does not depend on the inertial reference frame in which we consider runner and ribbon. Whether our coordinate system is linked to the earth or to the fixed stars (in which case both runner and ribbon move with tremendous, "cosmic," velocities), the relative velocity of the runner, which depends on how fast the distance between runner and ribbon is decreasing, is the same.

For such points it makes sense to define the special distance (6) In fact, if the abscissas of A(x,y) and AI(xl'YI) coincide (XI = x), then a motion (1) takes these points to points A'(x',y') and Ai(xi,yl), with x'=xi =x+a and y'=vx+y+b, Yi =VX+YI +b. Hence yi-y'=(vx+YI + b)-(vx+y+b)=YI-Y· Thus the difference YI - Y is unchanged by a motion, and so has geometric significance in the Galilean plane. On the other hand, if the distance dAA I = X I - x between A and A I is not zero, then the difference Y I - Y of their ordinates is not preserved by a motion, for, in that case, Yi-y'=(vx l +YI +b)-(vx+y+b)=YI-y+v(xl-x)*YI-Y.

It follows that if VI and V2 are the velocities of two objects (for example runner and ribbon) in one reference frame, and vi, V; are their velocities in another reference frame, then vI=vi+a and V2=V;+a, so that VI -V2 =vi -V;. Things are much the same if VI and V2 are the velocities of an object at two instants tl and t2. , the vector a is assumed constant, it follows, just as before, that VI =vi +a, V2=V;+a, and VI- V2=vi -V;. lIICf. Galileo's "Dialogues" [15], pp. l7l-172. 23 I. What is mechanics?

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