A Secret World: Natural Products of Marine Life by Prof. Dr. Francesco Pietra (auth.) PDF

By Prof. Dr. Francesco Pietra (auth.)

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Underwater exploration is an interesting task a result of richness of sea lifestyles, the attractive shades, and the distinction with terrestrial lifestyles. it may be performed by means of diving or snorkeling -today there's positive gear for diving and taking underwater images­ and, except being a resource of delight, it types the root of recent ecological and behavioral marine reports. Diving is an emotional job. The silence of the submarine global, simply interrupted through respiring, has greater than as soon as evoked the monsters of the terrific stories of my adolescence. perhaps simply because, even if a lot time has elapsed considering the fact that then, I nonetheless have a youth's skill to judge every thing for the fascination it conveys. even if, not more than that may be received from underwater watehing. i'm really not asserting that this can be destined to be a futile workout. Picasso watched sea urchins a lot within the similar means whereas revealing their quintessence in his work on the fortress of Antibes. What I suggest is that this present day marine lifestyles is also considered from the point of view of the ordinary items concerned. this information, next to Picasso's time, provides a lot to the general picture.

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However, other species of Ecklonia are used in the diet of certain human populations. Arsenic can enter the food chain in other ways, too. For instance, in Shark Bay, Western Australia, arsenosugars quite similar to those of E. radiata, such as 'tridacnaarsenoribofuranoside', accumulate in the kidney of the giant clam, Tridacna maxima, which does not feed on either Ecklonia or Fucus. It is possible that symbiotic zooxanthellae are responsib1e for the incorporation of these arsenosugars. The situation of the shrimp Sergestes lucens, and probably of all shrimps which feed on phytoplankton, is similar.

The sublittoral zone extends from the tidal zone to about 250 meters in depth. 5 kilometers, accounts for about 85% of the sea floor, and thus nearly 60% of the Earth's surface. This results in an average depth of the sea of about 4 kilometers. The pelagic zone is subdivided into the neritic zone, which is above the continental shelf, and the oceanic zone, which is subdivided further into the epipelagic, mesopelagic, bathypelagic and abyssopelagic zone. Tides are of great importance. Whereas in open oceanic waters tides never exceed one meter, in coastal waters the tidal range depends on local conditions.

As weil as in the Ayurveda, the multimillenary Indian system of medicine.. However, these rather fabulous reports are impregnated with superstition: Voltaire had not yet arrived to replace superstition with rationality. Actually, the place of the seaweeds in pharmacy is still very limited, except where real or putative beauty products are concemed. Seaweeds have nothing in common with bioactive molds and terrestrial plants; in particular seaweeds lack in general physiologically active products, such as the opioids or the belladonna of terres trial higher plants, as weil as the antibiotics of molds.

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A Secret World: Natural Products of Marine Life by Prof. Dr. Francesco Pietra (auth.)

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