3D Analysis of the Myocardial Microstructure: Determination by Johanna Maria Ticar PDF

By Johanna Maria Ticar

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The grasp thesis of Johanna Maria Ticar unearths high-resolution insights into the myocardial microstructure and illustrates that cardiac muscle fibers are directly, working in parallel with one most well liked fiber course, notwithstanding, deposits corresponding to fats appear to compromise the general and compact constitution. moment harmonic iteration imaging mixed with optical tissue clearing is a correct technique for selecting the three-d muscle fiber and sheet orientations and therefore, permits the calculation of fiber rotation through the ventricle wall.

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Com) The images were taken with support of Heimo Wolinski, PhD at the Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology Group, University of Graz, Austria. A representative 2-D image obtained via SHG can be seen in Fig. 9. 9: Example of a second harmonic generation image of heart muscle fibers with dimensions 620×620 μm. , Berlin, Germany). Amira is a 3-D visualization and analysis software by the FEI visualization Sciences group for biomedical data obtained from microscopy (amongst other sources). The data was imported from either a lif-file or multiple tiff-files obtained by SHG imaging.

In case of isotropic fiber distributions κ is 1/3 (b=0) (Schriefl et al. , 2012). 1 Diffusion tensor imaging The feasibility study performed on a small part of a porcine heart wall led to the following results. 1 depicts the fibers of the porcine heart sample in a variety of views, namely coronal (a), only the coronal plane is visible (b), sagittal (c), and axial (d) plane. 1, MA Institute of Technology, USA). 1: Visualization of a porcine heart sample following DTI, depicted in (a) coronal plane, (b) only the coronal plane is visible, (c) sagittal plane, and (d) axial plane.

2) where F (u, v) is the Fourier transform of the function f at point (u, v) and F ∗ (u, v) is its complex conjugate. To extract the fiber orientations, discriminated by spatial frequency and orientation, wedge-shaped orientation filters were applied. Hence, a discrete distribution of relative amplitudes I(Φ) (in %) as a function of the respective fiber angle Φ was obtained by summing up every P (u, v) within individual 1◦ wedges. Due to the shift caused by the FFT, the angular distribution had to be shifted back by 90◦ .

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