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Many children with OCD may be successful academically and with other school activities, but they may have difficulty completing their homework and papers, as they focus on getting things perfect. Many children, feeling embarrassed by their symptoms, successfully hide them from their peers and teachers but cannot hide them at home when they are more tired and less in control of their behaviors. They also know that they will not be judged in the same negative manner at home. 100 Q&A About Your child’s ocd The Diagnosis Your son should be evaluated for this problem because it is not clear that he will be able to continue to “hide” his symptoms while at school.

Thus they are qualitatively and quantitatively different. 25. Could some of the symptoms be so bad or difficult that they will prevent my daughter from receiving benefit from treatment? Yes, if your daughter is extremely frightened and distressed by her obsessions, she might be too preoccupied to relax enough to get involved in her treatment, in particular, the cognitive-behavioral therapy (see Question 46). She may need to be started first on medication to relieve the anxiety and to improve her sleep.

However, in the case of PANDAS, the antibodies may attack not just the strep bacteria but also parts of the body such as the heart (in rheumatic fever) or the basal ganglia in the brain, producing or worsening OCD, Tourette syndrome, or other psychiatric/neurological problems. However, this theory is not yet proven. And even if this theory is true, it is not clear why this effect would occur in one child and not in another. PANDAS is similar to Sydenham chorea but usually presents in a much shorter time after the infection and has fewer of the movement problems and more of the tics and the psychiatric manifestations, such as obsessions and compulsions identical to those in OCD.

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